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We believe that every digital event should be unique and authentic. That's why we offer customized solutions tailored to your brand, audience, and objectives. Let us help you create an unforgettable event that will leave a lasting impression.


Engagement centric

Our team is dedicated to helping you access the latest innovations that can drive your brand forward, leveraging the best of both the Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 worlds.


Brands DNA focus

Our team of experienced UX designers and developers is committed to delivering customized digital solutions that meet your specific needs. From initial concept to final execution, we will work with you every step of the way to bring your vision to life.


360° skills

From production to scenography, audiovisual production to 3D and motion design, we create all the content needed to make your event an unforgettable visual experience.

Meet Gleamer, our suite of digital solutions for creative live events.

Take your virtual events to the next level with Gleamer – our proprietary suite of digital solutions that can be customized to suit your unique requirements. From live streaming to interactive features, our team of experts will help you create an experience that your audience will never forget.

With Gleamer, the possibilities are endless. Whether you're looking to host a virtual conference, masterclass, or concert, our suite of customizable solutions will help you create an experience that is truly unique and reflective of your brand's identity.

More about Gleamer

Live Designers Studio is a creative agency that thrives on delivering highly innovative projects.

We are constantly pushing ourselves to new heights, striving for excellence. We are always looking for new opportunities to innovate, expand our skill set and exceed our own limits. Here a some of our lasts productions 👇

Armani Privé
Shanghai exhibition 3D film

We produced and created a 3D motion design film to promote an exceptional exhibition in Shanghai conceived by the team of Armani Privé, with whom we had the pleasure of collaborating.

The project

Led by the ProFirst team, this project was commissioned to us urgently, only two weeks before its broadcast.

Although it had to be produced in record time, the brand's demand for quality remained intact. Our choices were guided by the pursuit of quality in storytelling, visual representation, and execution. With a dedicated team working around the clock, we were able to deliver the film on time without our client having to compromise on their original requirements.

Spirit Brothers
3D modeling

We assisted the marketing team of the Spirit Brothers spirits brand in the 3D modeling of their entire product range for their new e-commerce site. With these new assets, they now have the freedom to create highly creative animated visuals for their upcoming digital campaigns.

New features
Web 3.0 experiences

Our IT team has finalized a new version of Gleamer, our suite of fully customizable solutions that allows us to deliver premium live streaming experiences dedicated to the most demanding brands like no other agency.

More about Gleamer

The project

Always in search of innovation to design the most original solutions for our clients, we have developed new Web 3.0 features within Gleamer that foster new engagement perspectives from their online communities.

Gleamer is now the first Web 3.0 ready live event platform. Our clients can organize an event where each ticket is registered in the blockchain to make the experience even more engaging. We have also added an original feature that allows for the organization of complex multistage events. Visit our website to know more about our amazing product.

Armani Beauty
Custom made digital event

With ProFirst for Crema Nera

Over the past year, we have collaborated with Givenchy's team to produce live events from their showroom, which are aimed at their global teams. During an intense day every two months, all of the teams gather to share the brand's advancements and latest designs

New Live Shopping feature

Discover ou new live-shopping feature allowing you to sell merchandising right into your live event solution.

Digital live events are an excellent way to connect with your customers. When you engage in live conversations, you create the best opportunity to showcase your amazing products and increase sales. It's that simple!

More about Gleamer

Live event production

With ProFirst
Live production crew & digital broadcasting

Over the past year, we have collaborated with Givenchy's team to produce live events from their showroom, which are aimed at their global teams. During an intense day every two months, all of the teams gather to share the brand's advancements and latest designs

Giorgio Armani
Luminous Silk digital event.

In collaboration with ProFirst
A high-end digital event for the relaunch of the Luminous Silk cosmetics line for Armani Beauty.

The project

We produced a custom digital show for Armani Beauty's relaunch of its Luminous Silk product line, but also designed and created the digital platform to broadcast the live event. The platform was seamlessly integrated into the Armani Beauty website, providing a custom made and engaging experience for viewers.

Collaborating with the Armani Beauty team and ProFirst, we conceptualized a digital event that perfectly aligned with their vision. Filmed in a Parisian studio, we developed two unique stages - a talk show set and a makeup artist demonstration set. Our team also created custom motion graphics to enhance the LED wall that served as the backdrop, while a top-of-the-line video control room ensured that the production was both dynamic and color-accurate, perfectly capturing the essence of the cosmetic products.

Kaufman & Braud
Film production

In partnership with Enlight Stories

In partnership with Enlight Stories agency, we crafted, produced, and directed a commercial film showcasing a prestigious real estate project by Kaufman & Broad, located in La Défense business district.

New multistage feature

Discover ou new multistage feature allowing your community to attend complex events with multistage management.

Create unlimited events spanning multiple days without any limitation. Design elaborates events with an array of stages, each with their own unique features and merchandise catalogues.
And do it with just a few clicks !

More about Gleamer

L'interdit & Le Rouge Sheer

ProFirst entrusted us with the creation of a customized digital solution for Givenchy on the occasion of its Digital Press Days.

The project

An original Digital Press Kit featuring a secret VIP room for an exclusive meeting with Giedre Dukauskaite, the new Givenchy Beauty ambassador.

We've transformed Givenchy's Digital Press Days into a one-of-a-kind experience with a dedicated website that captures the essence of the brand. Our custom made innovative platform allows us to identify VIP visitors and offer them an exclusive live streaming interview with the brand's ambassadors in a secret digital room, all while keeping this feature invisible to other visitors to avoid any feelings of exclusion.

Brand content

With the french magazine L'ADN Explore

We worked with the teams at ADN and Veolia to write, produce, and direct three original documentaries exploring the existing solutions implemented in France for waste recovery and recycling.
This series of films, which won the 2021 Best Institutional Documentary award at the Deauville Green Awards film Festival, was broadcasted as part of an innovative digital campaign that amassed over 450,000 views on YouTube.

Watch Cycles

Digital Market Days

Digital Event / custom platform & live event production

We produced a custom invitation, registration, and streaming platform for GBL investment fund's Annual Keynote Digital Market Days at the Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild in Paris. We were also responsible for the audiovisual production of the event, with a full TV team in place to ensure every detail was captured perfectly

Cedric Grolet & Zara Home
Live Event

Interview live set

We equipped the Cédric Grolet Opera boutique with a mini live shooting studio with instant translation for the press interviews organized during the release of the pastry chef's "signature" kitchen accessories at Zara Home.

Ville de Paris
Stratégie Digitale
& Brand Content

We execute and produce the entire communication strategy for the city of Paris for its eco-friendly construction pilot projects. A happy mix of website, editorial content, motion design, documentary films, and digital events to showcase projects with strong social and environmental impact.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have an inquiry or want to kickstart your next project right away. Let's stay in touch.

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